Medical assistant and Willow Aesthetics esthetician, Rhonnie, is a chemical peel specialist and an expert in microneedling with PRP. 

She shares all the details behind the powerful procedure that can correct fine lines and wrinkles, acne and surgical scars, or can simply be used to improve the skin’s texture, tone, and color–microneedling.

“Microneedling creates tiny incisions into the skin. PRP, platelet-rich plasma, helps with collagen renewal, cellular turnover, and evens out your skin tone a lot faster when the processes are combined. The procedure lasts an hour–we numb the treatment area, draw blood for the PRP and perform the microneedling. It does not hurt at all and you will be glad that you got it done!”

There are many microneedling pens/treatments/devices so why did we choose MicroPen EVO?

Microneedling technology has evolved! The newest MicroPen EVO gives you the benefits of skin correction plus collagen stimulation. The great news is that Willow Aesthetics is a proud MicroPen EVO provider in San Antonio, Texas!  

I love the MicroPen EVO because it’s easy to handle. It glides awesomely across the skin and gives you amazing results with little downtime!” 

–Rhonnie, Medical assistant and Willow Aesthetics esthetician

With the MicroPen EVO patients can see results immediately! There’s an instant“glow” to the skin as soon as the procedure is finished with visible changes to the skin developing over the following weeks. Results just keep improving up to six months after the treatment.

You can learn more about Willow Aesthetics’ microneedling procedure below. If you are ready to see your skin “glow”, request a consultation with our expert aestheticians now!